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Human resource

·We put efforts on our employee training.
·We pay attention to your personal growth and improvement.
·We provide rich training resources.
·We encourage our employees to attend external trainings.
·We provide you career growth opportunities.
·We encourage you to take challenges.
·We encourage you to shoulder new responsibilities.
·Teamwork and Responsibility
·Talent Training
We provide competitive salary and benefits. We pay for your capability, experience and value.
·Income: salary + performance bonus;
·Benefit: China mandated benefits (pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, Central Provident Fund, annual paid leave) + commercial medical insurance + employee care + other benefits.
Cloud computing product development engineer

1.Rich development experience (Java/C# etc.).
2.More than 5 years’ work experience.
3.CRM implementation or development experience.
4.Product research and development experience preferred.
5.Salesforce.com and force.com platform development experience preferred.

Develop business applications on Force.com cloud computing platform according to the company’s product strategy.
Location: Shanghai

Sales Manager

1.More than5 years’ application software sales experience.
2.Knowledge of application software selling methodology; creative and proactive.
3.Familiar with consultative selling; able to develop proposals.
4.Experience of selling large-scale ERP or CRM enterprise management solutions; pharmaceutical or medical sales experience preferred.
5.Knowledge about cloud computing.
6.Open-minded; responsible and good team player; excellent business negotiation skills.
7.Quick at learning.
8.Excellent communication skills.
9.Passionate, able to utilize all resources to achieve sales goals.
10.Fluent in English or other languages, such as, Cantonese, Japanese.

1.Responsible for selling Salesforce.com CRM, iCare CRM, Force.com.
2.Prospecting, working with marketing department to increase our brand recognition.
3.Coordinate with pre-sales consultants to achieve sales goals.

Promotion Opportunities:
An incumbent with outstanding performance and management skills can be promoted to sales director and a company partner.

Location: Shanghai

CRM Technical Consultant

1.Rich Java/C# development experience.
2.More than 2 years’ work experience.
3.With CRM implementation or development experience preferred.
4.With product development experience preferred.
5.Capable to do requirements analysis and process design independently

1.Modules configuration, customization, online application, customer training and maintenance.

CRM Implementation Consultant (Japanese Language)

1.More than 2 years’ project development experience.
2.Good at Java, .Net language, Oracle database.
3.Fluent Japanese; with Japanese company project experience preferred.
4.System design, requirement analysis experience preferred.
5.CRM or ERP implementation experience preferred.
6.Resume in Japanese.

1.Responsible for large-scale CRM project implementation.
2.Involving in pre-sales consulting, project overall design.
3.Responsible for technical communication to and proposal drafting for customers.

Location: Shanghai

iOS Development Engineer

1.College or above diploma.
2.More than 2 years’ iOS system platform development experience; familiar with iPhone/iPad platform.
3.Solid C/C++/language skills, good at Objective-C/Cocoa, good programming habit.
4.Familiar with Mac OS x operation system and xcode/iphonesdk development environment; familiar with iPad UI frame.
5.Web application (HTTP、SOAP、REST etc.) development experience; familiar with web development techniques.
6.With SqlLite and Core data experience preferred.
7.Familiar with iOS interface development standards and App Store putaway process and rules; with App Store putaway experience preferred.

1.Responsible for iOS related products design, development, testing, online deployment work;
2.Responsible for iOS platform products or products prototype.

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