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Hospira China

Hospira is the world's leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies, headquartered in Lake Forest of north Chicago in Illinois, USA.

Challenges and Problems Faced
· Hospira has already been using an ETMS for business management, so has a higher expectation for the new system. How to make users accept the new system is a real challenge.
· Hospira has equipped their sales representatives with iPads for daily work and hopes to capture sales representatives’ working location through the GPS function on their iPads, so to better manage sales call activities.
· Hospira needs the CRM system to automatically grade doctors on pre-defined rules.

· When designing the system, we did our best to align the application to the familiar way of how people had been using the system originally. We added proper reminding messages in the process to make it easier for people to use the system.
· The system now enables sales call location tracking management, and can show the effectiveness of sales calls by reports listing sales call activities versus hospitals and their grades.
· Built up a configurable grading matrix. The system administrator can generate new grading tables by modifying the parameters.

· The new system is easy to use for original users, which got rid of some of the limitations of the old system.
· Sales call location tracking enables effective management of the pharmaceutical sales reps’ call activities, making sure all the sales calls are real.
· The pertinence of sales calls has been improved. Sales resources utilization has been optimized.
· The system is quite stable and all functions run well.

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