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Lee’s Pharm

Lee’s Pharm is a biopharmaceutical company with over 19 years’ experience in China's pharmaceutical industry. It engages in drug development, clinical development, manufacturing, sales and marketing in China with global perspectives.

In 2010, Lee’s Pharm was ranked as one of the Best Small Companies in China (position No. 2) by <<Finance Asia>>. For the third consecutive year, Lee’s Pharm has been ranked by Forbes in October 2013 as one of Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion Companies. The mission of Lee's Pharm is to become a successful biopharmaceutical company in Asia providing innovative products to fight diseases and improve health and quality of life.

Challenges and Problems Faced
· Pharmaceutical sales representatives are very much on their own when scheduling and doing sales calls. Since they seldom come to the office, it’s hard for them to report their work in a timely manner. It’s also hard for their supervisors to provide timely and effective management and support based on real-time sales call situations.
· Lee’s Pharm was eager for an effective and comprehensive KPI system to help improve sales behaviors, and ultimately sales performance.
· The old email+Excel model of colleting sales data was time and energy consuming. Information usually needed to travel through 7~8 different levels. The process is slow and full of mistakes.
· Sales territory management is a mess with a lot of overlaps, which inhibited business development.

· Built up an online system for planning sales calls and doing reports, which is based on Salesforce’s cloud computing platform. Reports can now be generated within a minute.
· By doing analysis on sales reps’ call activities, supervisors can now adjust work assignments and tasks in a timely manner according to KPI, such as customer coverage, sales call task finish rate, etc.
· By providing access for salespeople to directly enter sales data, the efficiency has been increased by 5 times, with errors down by 95%.
· Built up a dedicated ETMS (Electronic Territory Management System) to help assign sales territory and work scope accurately by pre-defined rules.

· Improved sales productivity enormously; substantially reduced salespeople’s paperwork time.
· By combining real-time report with KPI analysis, now Lee’s Pharm measures sales reps’ performance in 2 dimensions: sales volume and sales behavior. This also enables the company to discover more sales talents.
· Previously more than ten people had to spend a whole week every month on preparing sales statistics. Now the statistics are readily available at anytime. The headquarters can see work progress in real time, and error rate has been reduced significantly.
· ETMS enables clear territory planning, prevents resource wastage.

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