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URGO Medical

URGO Medical is a global company based in UK. Since entering the market in 2002, Urgo Medical has achieved its objective of becoming a major contributor to the wound healing community. URGO offers a complete range of wounds management dressing and bandages.

Challenges and Problems Faced
· Territory management and customers allocation was a headache;
· No visibility and control of real-time sales activities;
· Complex and inefficient internal work process;
· Management did not have a good visibility of real-time business status.

· URGO chose Salesforce CRM, because it’s easy to use, flexible and easy to be deployed in its Asian branch offices.
· With the effort of our Salesforce consultants, URGO finished the system customization work (iCare CRM functions) within 3 months.
· Work flow and analysis functions enable users and top management to generate reports easily, thus to quickly identify, track and manage KPIs.
· We helped URGO develop the following customized modules: account management, ETMS (Electronic Territory Management System), sales plan and activities management, event cost management, sales process management, etc.
· By customizing various reports and dash boards, the management can effectively analyze sales statistics and improve marketing investment accuracy.
· Expense approval process and different work flows was developed based on URGO’s needs, which helped standardize work flows and improve efficiency.

· After using customized Salesforce CRM (a preliminary version of iCare CRM), sales team’s efficiency has improved and SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness) enhanced.
· Collaboration among different departments has been enhanced. Work flow is simple and easy to follow.
· Sales performance and market share have improved significantly by proper territory management (ETMS), sales planning and event management.
· With our help, URGO has been expanding Salesforce application’s coverage, continuously increasing the system’s ROI.

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