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Pharmaceutical CRM Solutions

Pharmaceutical Industry Situation:
Pharmaceutical industry is a multidisciplinary high-tech industry that integrates multiple advanced technologies and methodologies, which matters a lot to national health, social stability and economic development. In China pharmaceuticals are mainly sold through distributors. There are two trends in China’s pharmaceutical industry:

1)Generic drugs will gradually become low-profit products while R&D oriented enterprises will gain more advantages. Since there are countless generic drug manufacturers in the market, generic drugs are usually sold for significantly lower prices than their branded equivalents, with pressure of further lowering the prices in the future.

2)Pharmaceutical companies will invest more and more in R&D. Patented or exclusive drugs will become the main profit source for pharmaceutical companies in the future.

Relying on R&D is a common practice by patented drug manufacturers all over the world, so they can exploit the maximum sales potential of patented drugs within the patent protection periods.

How to gain advantages in generic drug business and how to exploit the maximum sales potential of patented drugs will become the key concerns of pharmaceutical industry.

Challenges of Pharmaceutical Sales Management:
1)How to standardize the management of master data, such as hospitals, doctors, patients, products, price, partners and territories.
2)It’s hard to track and evaluate marketing events.
3)Pharmaceutical sales reps cannot ensure sales call effectiveness and pertinence without mobile tools to assist them.
4)SFE managers are not clear about sales representatives’actual work plan and execution status, thus cannot optimize sales resources allocation.
5)Distributorship application, authorization and distributors’ rebate are not transparent to channel managers; channel managers cannot receive sales data in time.
6)Sales managers cannot track the whole sales process and view questionnaire analysis results in real time.
7)It’s hard to track cases, get case escalation reminding and feedback reports in realtime.

iCare CRM – Dedicated solution for China’s Life Science Industry

1)Mobile + Computer Integrated Solution
Based on China’s pharmaceutical industry characteristics, we’ve developed iCare CRM mobile application eRep, which can satisfy sales people’s need of mobile applications. What’s more important, the system can be used even without access to the Internet. When using iCare CRM through computer, you can access not only all the eRep functions, but also other strong functions like Chatter (instant communication), community, reports, and dashboards.

2)Improving Pharmaceutical SFE
Enable you to grade hospitals and target doctors based on pre-defined rules, effectively execute proper territory management, make pertinent sales call plans based on doctors’ grades, efficiently manage sales call reports, adequately plan coaching sales calls, conveniently manage hospital lists for business development, and of course, perform data collection easily and manage KPI performance evaluation etc.

3)Managing Promotion Events Targeting at Doctors
Hospitals and doctors contact info management; event planning and preparation, approval process management, attendants signing-up; speakers’ appointment; event questionnaire management and analysis.

4)Managing of Marketing Events Targeting at Patients/Consumers
Enable you to manage marketing event application, execution and reporting targeting at patients and consumers; you can track the whole marketing process and analyze the effectiveness and results.

5)Distributing Channel Management
Enable you to efficiently manage distributorship application, authorization, approval and distributors’ rebate; you can also do business agreement and contract management; product and price management; sales data management and end user management, data analysis, etc.

6)Post-sales Service Management
Integration with call center system; complaints and suggestions allocation, escalation; feedback and knowledge base management; service resources allocation; service data analysis; customer service KPI performance, etc.

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