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Marketing Partners

We welcome partners who can develop market together with us.

Resources Sharing Partners:
Companies that have the same target market with us but whose solutions are complementary to ours can contact us for joint marketing efforts, so we can share resources and save cost for better marketing results.

·Target markets: pharmaceutical companies with large sales forces, or large pharmaceutical distribution companies.
·Target audiences: sales GM, sales VP, sales director, GM, CEO.
·Products/services: any products or services targeting at the above mentioned audiences/market that are complementary to CRM solutions.

iCare CRM – Dedicated for China’s Pharmaceutical Industry:
·Specially designed for China’s pharmaceutical (especially prescription medicine) industry.
·With ETMS (Electronic Territory Management System) as the core, iCare CRM aims at helping pharmaceutical companies in China improve their SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness), etc.
·Based on the world leading cloud computing platform– Force.com.
·Easy to be integrated with ERP and other relevant systems, so to display relevant data to sales departments.
·Fast implementation.

Resource Provider Partners:
We are willing to discuss with organizations which have access to pharmaceutical companies for possibly cooperation, for example pharmaceutical industry related associations or administration commissions of development zones where there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies. This kind of cooperation will enable resources owners to better utilize their resources to gain due benefits, while potential customers can improve their sales performance and enhance the company competitiveness by using our CRM system, creating a triple-win situation.

Suitable companies or organizations are welcome to contact us for cooperation.


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