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iCare CRM- Dedicated to China’s Pharmaceutical Industry

Hospitals and Doctors

You can manage the company’s target hospitals, doctors, key doctors and their tendency of using your products and other key information. The system will help improve efficiency of marketing and sales analysis.

iCare CRM enables you to manage hospital and doctor data update in a controlled way to ensure data safety and integrity. The data update process starts with a ‘change request’, which needs to go through a pre-defined approval process before the update can actually happen.

Brands and Products
You can manage company brands, products, promotion materials and other key information. You can also analyze promotion material’s usage status and key information communication status.

Territory Management

Territory Allocation
You can allocate territories/hospitals based on brands/product lines to sales representatives. Sales representatives’ activities will be confined within the assigned territory.

When you need to change territory allocation and assignment, you can count on iCare CRM to help you do it conveniently.

Territory Sales Management
You can set up a sales goal for each territory, and make sales statistics report. This will help you analyze territory sales status and trend.


Sales representatives can make sales call plans and submit call reports afterwards.
Sales managers can make training plans and submit coaching sales call report to evaluate sales representatives’ call performance.
Marketing departments can make marketing event plans, invite attendees and make execution statistics report.

KPI Management

You can set up KPI for sales representatives and generate report on KPI results. Effective KPI management will help encourage and urge sales representatives to plan their work more properly, work harder, and improve their effectiveness.

System Configuration and Management

You can configure the system easily by using our administrative tools and build up application functions suitable for your company to facilitate your company’s development.

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