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iCare CRM Mobile Application - eRep


iCare CRM eRep homepage shows the users’ KPI target, and the actual progress up to date. Default display will show the doctors to be visited of the day, specific schedule and the status of execution.


This module is for hospital information management, you can do hospital key word search, and initial character quick search etc.

You can view detailed information of hospitals, doctors list of a certain hospital, hospitals grading info, and current hospital’s location on the map.


The module helps manage doctor data. You can do key word search and quick search of doctors and group them accordingly. Users can view doctors’ detailed information, and doctors grading history regarding different products of your company. This will help sales representatives make right decisions and improve work effectiveness.

Daily Plan

Sales representative or sales managers can plan their work by this module, for example sales calls, meetings, leave requests, etc.

This module can also provide GPS serviceof the hospitals to be visited.

Daily Report

After sales representative or sales manager finish their sales calls, they can fill in the call report right away to ensure report accuracy in a timely manner. They don’t need to wait till arriving at home or office to do reports. This will help avoid incomplete reporting due to delay of filling in reports.

Coaching Sales Call Report

This module helps track the sales calls that sales managers or territory managers go along with their sales representatives to visit doctors, so to coach sales representatives on how to improve their call effectiveness.

Marketing Events

This module helps manage product promotion seminars target to hospital departments, or helps manage territory conference, academic conference, etc. in order to promote new medicines. The target audiences for this kind of events are physicians in various departments, or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in related areas.

Hospital Listing

This module mainly helps manage the process of promoting and selling pharmaceuticals to new hospitals, including plans and execution of sales calls, promotion events, etc.


KPI is the key performance index used to evaluate sales representatives’ performances. These indexes will be calculated in iCare CRM system, and then be synchronized to the mobile end. This will let sales representatives know about how far they are from reaching their sales goals at any time.

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